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EQ-i2.0 Report

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

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About this course

Are you curious about your own Emotional Intelligence? No need to wonder any longer, as we have the worlds first scientifically validated tool to give you the answer.

Join others who have had their EI tested using the worlds first scientifically validated EI tool, the EQ-i2.0.

Unlike IQ, EQ is elastic and can be developed which is why it is key to understand before you set any changes in place. 

What happens next?

This course will provide you with a link to the EQ online questionnaire. Once you have completed the 133 online questions, your personalised 30 page in depth report will be delivered to your coach.

You will select a date and time to book a one to one coaching session, during which you will be given your detailed 30 page report (example below). 

Your coach, during your 1 hour online session, will guide you through the report, help you understand the results and encourage you to look for development opportunities. 

Look at our sample report

Course content

Section 1

Coaching session

Pre coaching questions

EQ assessment link & explanation of the model

Meet the expert

Kirsty McWilliam

Kirsty is a Leadership Coach based in Scotland. She is an experienced, accredited coach and coach trainer. After being a Chartered Accountant for 15 years in both KPMG & PwC, Kirsty had the opportunity for coach training within PwC and has never looked back. Moving her passion from change in business to change in people, Coaching Direct was born in 2008. To connect, and read more see Kirsty's Linkedin profile here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstymcwilliam/

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