Level 1 - Concepts of Coaching

Level 1 - Concepts of Coaching

This certified course introduces the key concepts of coaching, enabling you to confidently kickstart your career in coaching.

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About this course

The Level 1 - Concepts of Coaching course provides a fully online experience for you to complete at your own pace. The fees associated with this course can be redeemed against our Level 2 accredited coach training programme.

Suitable for those: 

- at beginner level and those considering embarking on a coaching career

- who wish to undertake a flexible course, without the time or financial commitment of a longer course

- interested in becoming a coach either within the workplace, or as an external coach

- wish to take this course as a precursor to further coach training 

Our course will:

- provide you with a solid understand of the basic concepts of coaching

- teach you how to communicate as a coach

- explain the difference in coaching conversations, coaching for performance and professional coaching

- introduce you to the power of visioning and goal setting

- get you thinking about what your learning style is, and why this is important to know both as a learner, and as a coach 

- give you an opportunity to reflect on your own life, and create a truly inspirational goal

- provide you with a platform to speak to our experienced coaches and trainers, and other learners to start your coaching journey

We hope by the end of this course, your appetite for coaching has grown and you feel ready to take your next steps towards a fulfilling coaching career. 

Assessment feedback will be provided within three days of completion. 

Upon completion of this course, we would like to invite you to join our community of coaches so that you can learn from your peers, and in a safe place. 

Course content

The Concepts of Coaching

What is Coaching?

The Benefits of Coaching

Niche Coaching Areas

Coach Accreditation - What is it?

Communicating as a Coach

Key Coaching Skills

Listening as a Coach

Coaching Questions

Raising Awareness

Visioning and Goal Setting

Goal setting in coaching

The power of visioning

Session Planning - Coaching Tools & Models

Session Planning and Execution

Wheel of Life and Wheel of Work

Goal Setting using Coaching Models

GROW Coaching Model

CIGAR Coaching Model

OSCAR Coaching Model

Solution Focused Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Power of Positivity Tool


The Business of Coaching

The Coaching Market

Coaching Resources

Self Reflection in Coaching

Competency Framework

Coach Yourself!

Are you ready to make a change?

Let's Set a Goal!

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

Use fees against further study

By undertaking this course, you will automatically qualify for discount on any further courses you take with Coaching Direct, including the Level 2 Accredited Award in Coach Training, accredited by the Association for Coaching.

Kickstart your new career

This course introduces the key concepts of coaching, providing a solid introduction to the profession. This course is not accredited but does come with a certificate of completion, enabling you to confidently act as a coach, or more on to more study.

Suitable for All

This course has been designed to enable learners of all styles the opportunity to study. The course is delivered entirely online through a series of videos, articles and explainers

Online Support Available

This course is fully online and technical support is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do this course before Level 2 Award & Level 3 Certificate?

No, the course is not required before you progress. All content will be covered fully in all levels. This course is for those who wish to achieve a basic award in coaching.

Can I be a coach after taking this course?

Coaching is not a regulated industry and anyone can call themselves a coach. However, in a world where reputation matters, those who invest in training and develop their knowledge and experience will better position themselves. This course is a content course only, it will not qualify you to coach.

Meet the expert

Kirsty McWilliam

Kirsty is a Leadership Coach based in Scotland. She is an experienced, accredited coach and coach trainer. After being a Chartered Accountant for 15 years in both KPMG & PwC, Kirsty had the opportunity for coach training within PwC and has never looked back. Moving her passion from change in business to change in people, Coaching Direct was born in 2008. To connect, and read more see Kirsty's Linkedin profile here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstymcwilliam/


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Helen Murray

Consolidated my previous impressions of coaching

Allison Jenkins

Good content and pace, especially liked the video links

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