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Strengths Profile and One to One Coaching

Discover your strengths and boost your performance and wellbeing

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About this course

According to research only 1 in 3 people can articulate what their strengths actually are - do you know yours?

Our course will tell you your top realised strengths and also the strengths that you are currently not using. We will then explore, in a one to one coaching session, how to maximise all your strengths to improve your overall performance, engagement and wellbeing.

What will I get with this course?

With this course you will receive your very own unique strengths report (see more on report below) and an opportunity to be coached on a one to one basis with one of our accredited coaches. They will review the report content with you, and support you to build a strengths based development plan. All our reports and coaching are completely confidential. 

Why is it important to know your strengths?

Knowing and using your strengths helps you to be your best authentic self, by understanding what you can do and more importantly what you love to do. With the close connection to your energy levels, working within your strengths will raise levels of wellbeing, performance and satisfaction. It will also highlight learned strengths and area that drain your energy.

The report we use, the Strengths Profile, is much more than looking at 'what you are good at'. It takes into account your performance, your energy levels and how often you use these strengths. 

Our course will also explain more to you about what strengths are, the benefits and how to use them.

What happens next?

Our one to one coaching will start with your completing the Strengths Profile report, which will reveal your top realised and unrealised strengths. During our online coaching session, we will explore your report and support you to develop and apply your strengths. 

Course content

Course Structure

What are Strengths?

What are the benefits of knowing your Strengths?

How are Strengths used in organisations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any studies showing the benefits of using a strengths based approach?

Many studies over the past .20 years have shown that the top 10 benefits of using your strengths are being happier, more confident , higher levels of self esteem, higher levels of energy & vitality, people experience less stress and are more resilient, more likely to achieve their goals and perform better. They are also more engaged and more effective at developing self.

What do I get with the course?

You will receive your own Strengths Profile report, emailed direct to you and a development plan created during your online one to one coaching session.

Where will the coaching take place?

We will use our online platform to meet with you in our interactive 'live class' to allow video, whiteboard and file sharing facilities.

Who will coach me?

One of our Coaching Direct coaches, all who are accredited will provide your online coaching. All our coaching adheres to the standards and competencies laid down by the Association for Coaching.

Meet the expert

Kirsty McWilliam

Kirsty is a Leadership Coach based in Scotland. She is an experienced, accredited coach and coach trainer. After being a Chartered Accountant for 15 years in both KPMG & PwC, Kirsty had the opportunity for coach training within PwC and has never looked back. Moving her passion from change in business to change in people, Coaching Direct was born in 2008. To connect, and read more see Kirsty's Linkedin profile here -

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